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As a premier marketing automation resource, BitManta can help businesses find new customers by providing them with courses and tools that enable companies and individuals alike to get off the ground with a single click. By utilizing its automated lead generation products, business owners are able to reach new prospects, convert them into buyers and grow their business with the push of a button. Welcome!

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What We Offer

We make marketing easier than ever. Use our products and services to expand your customer base, find new leads and convert them into loyal clients without having to put much work into it.

Marketing Bots

Do you want to spread the word about your product or service with one single click? Are you tired of low email open rates, or paying for ads? Then you should save time and money using our bots to explode your sales.

Online Courses

Do you want to learn more about the most effective online marketing methods and tactics? Do you need to learn all about marketing automation? Then you should take our online courses and master the bots.

Useful Tools

Do you need extra tools to help you with your marketing automation process? Are you fed up with unreliable sources? Then check out our list of useful tools that actually work and give yourself an easier time working with bots.

Latest Bots

Send messages to thousands of online users, post to social media accounts and more. Automate your marketing and explode your sales now!

Contact Form Posters

Send direct messages to niche prospects

Social Media Dominators

Automate your social media accounts

Web Scrapers

Get all data from niche sites

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