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We are a full service automated sales leads generation platform that provides a result-oriented service for companies from all industries to increase their online presence and customer base. For years, BitManta's team developed its skills in the online marketing world, creating impressive campaigns and providing unmatched Internet marketing services that continually increased business for countless firms and individuals alike. The success of BitManta was so great that in 2015, the platform started to apply its effective services to a wider range of businesses in need.


To date, BitManta has expanded its reach to thousands of other businesses and many B2B and B2C industries like retail, medical, legal, manufacturing and more. BitManta clients benefit from an all-inclusive solution that covers all of their most important online marketing needs and can be specifically tailored to their size and specialty.


With over 20 years of combined web marketing experience, our enthusiastic group of experts defines who we are today. By providing the most effective solutions to business owners, we cover all aspects of a successful marketing campaigns like lead generation, interest targeting social campaigns and much more.


Besides having an excellent team and the expertise in the latest web technologies and trends, we're passionate about what we do. We always under-promise and over-deliver. We bring businesses the best possible and measurable results, backed by our unique money back guarantee. Welcome!
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